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Age old question: how to exit a whale's digestion.

I'm highly nutritious here.

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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serrende is pure awesome. Go and tell them so!

I attempted to do a fancomic for the entire DC comics universe. dc404 It is dead now, but an attempt was made.

Please note that this journal is made to entertain myself. I'm over thirty, a slasher, and a pervert. There be stuff kids shouldn't see here.

Other places I can be found.

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I am also some form of Emmy Scribe Protra on various forums.

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8-bit theater, adelbert steiner, alexandria dewitt, batflash, billy cranston, bits'n'link, bitstream, blackmage/fighter, blosc, books, booster gold's ray ass, boostle, breath of fire, bushroot, chainsaw teddybears, chrono trigger, cid highwind, closer and hyde, crocodile, crocodile is luffy's mommy, dan, danny phantom, darkwing duck, david eddings, daxter, deadpool, deltora, dinosaurs, discworld, dr. facilier, dragons, eyeshield 21, fantasy, final fantasy, frog/magus, ghost writer, gin/law, gin/sanji, girl genius, grandia, green lantern, guy gardner, hades/hercules, hal jordan, hotlink, ion, irugai, iruka, irunaru, j'olly, j'onn/wally, jack fenton, jack/vlad, jackie chan adventures, joxer, justice league, kain highwind, karn, knight and rogue, kurt wagner, kuwabara, kyle rayner, lavitz, leon orcot, leon/d, luffy, luffy/usopp, luigi, lynx, magus, magus/frog, mercedes lackey, merryshipping, monkey d. garp, nakamashipping, namakaship, naruto, neil gaiman, night at the museum, one piece, parallax, phoenix wright, portgas d ace, princess and the frog, quest for glory, reeve tuesti, rei, rincewind, rodimus prime, ron stoppable, sayuki, severus snape, sir crocodile, skyfire, slash, sokka, son goku, sora! donald! and goofy!, soundwave, soundwave/megatron, spar, starscream/skyfire, tailgate, the color blue, transformers, uke!zoro, usopp, usopp's massive peen nose, vimes, wally west, warp darkmatter, warp/buzz, wesley, whitebeard and his man-harem, wild arms, x-men evolution, xander, xr/nos-4-a2, xxxholic, zed, zell dincht, zurg/warp

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