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Birthdate:Aug 17
Location:United States of America
Hokay time to update this profile!

I'm Emmy, I try to post every day. Which mostly means one or two lineso f inane stuff. but every so often I also post fanfics!

I am also trying to get into making Girl Genius reaction post to he newest page so there is that.

I am very quiet and lurk a lot. I write a lot and am trying ot get my drawing skills high enough to start postign stuff.

Interests (110):

8-bit theater, adelbert steiner, agatha/dimo, alexandria dewitt, axel higgs/tarvek strumvorious, batflash, billy cranston, bits'n'link, bitstream, blackmage/fighter, blosc, books, boostle, breath of fire, bushroot, chainsaw teddybears, chrono trigger, cid highwind, closer and hyde, dan, danny phantom, darkwing duck, daxter, deadpool, deltora, dimo, discworld, dr. facilier, dragons, eyeshield 21, fantasy, final fantasy, frog/magus, fussy kitty and nice badger, ghost writer, gin/sanji, girl genius, green lantern, guy gardner, hades/hercules, hal jordan, hotlink, irugai, iruka, irunaru, j'onn/wally, jack fenton, jack/vlad, jagerkin, jagermonsters, joxer, justice league, kain highwind, karn, kurt wagner, kuwabara, kyle rayner, lavitz, leon orcot, leon/d, luffy, luffy/usopp, luigi, lynx, magus, magus/frog, mercedes lackey, merryshipping, monkey d. garp, nakamashipping, namakaship, naruto, neil gaiman, one piece, phoenix wright, portgas d ace, princess and the frog, quest for glory, reeve tuesti, rei, rincewind, rodimus prime, ron stoppable, severus snape, sir crocodile, skyfire, slash, sokka, sora! donald! and goofy!, soundwave, soundwave/megatron, spar, starscream/skyfire, tailgate, the color blue, transformers, uke!zoro, usopp, usopp's massive peen nose, vimes, wally west, warp darkmatter, warp/buzz, whitebeard and his man-harem, wild arms, xr/nos-4-a2, xxxholic, zed, zell dincht, zurg/warp
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